Pupil Wellbeing

Pupil wellbeing is at the heart of all schools, from safeguarding to PSHE lessons, wellbeing is threaded through every school. We know that the social and emotional skills that young people learn in the classroom can help them to build resilience and frame how they will manage their mental health and wellbeing throughout their lives. This runs through the RSE guidance for schools that places an equal importance on mental as well as physical health.

Emotional wellbeing is a clear indicator of academic achievement, success and satisfaction in later life. Evidence shows that mental health and wellbeing programmes in schools, can lead to significant improvements in children’s mental health, and social and emotional skills. Wellbeing provision in schools can also lead to reductions in challenging behaviours and promotes positive relationships.

This section explores the importance of pupil wellbeing, looks at transition and the value of having wellbeing ambassadors in school.

Discussion questions/Thinking points

  • How is pupil wellbeing supported within your school?
  • How does your curriculum support mental health and wellbeing?
  • How do you know?